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The opening ceremony of the Indian-Uzbek Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was held at Samarkand State University in cooperation with the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Galgotias University. It was attended, through the Zoom online platform, by Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation of Samarkand State University Hakim Khushvaktov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Akmal Akhatov, the faculty of the Faculty of Digital Technologies and the faculty of the Indian Galgotias University.
The main objective of this center is to train specialists who provide training based on modern technologies, establish exchange programs, organize symposiums and conferences, conduct scientific work in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, bioinformatics, business intelligence, and also help researchers publish scientific articles in prestigious journals. - The opening of the Indian-Uzbek center for artificial intelligence and machine learning will further enhance the international relations and scientific reputation of Samarkand State University. The creation of such centers plays a big role in determining the university's ranking in the international community and in understanding the effectiveness of our research. In addition, it will be a testing ground for applying our experience. I am sure that the activity of this center will be mutually beneficial, - said Vice-Rector of SamSU for Research and Innovation Khakim Khushvaktov.
- We have established cooperation with Samarkand State University since 2018. Classes at the center are conducted in English. Students studying at this center can continue their studies, for one semester, at Galgotias University. In addition, we will appoint a research supervisor for research in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain, bioinformatics and business intelligence from Galgothias University, and we are ready for ongoing cooperation in this direction, said Prof. Munish Sabharwal, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Galgothias University.



Faculty of Digital Technologies at Samarkand State University and India-Uzbekistan Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in collaboration with Galgotias University center was opened


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